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These two kitties are ready to go to their forever homes just in time for the holidays! Sidney is a petite little girl who is very friendly and playful. Simon is more laid back and a snuggle bug. They are 4 months old, spayed and neutered, tested negative for feline AIDS and Leukemia and vaccinated. They have been around other cats and a dog. Please consider opening your heart go these babies so Santa knows where to find them! 

Lucy and Ethel want a home for the holidays! They are about 14 weeks old now, spayed, vaccinated, tested neg for feline AIDS and Leukemia and just an absolute joy! They are very playful and love to snuggle together when they're all tired out. They are so bonded, won't you please giving them a forever home just in time for the holidays?

Blue was found as a tiny kitten in someone's backyard after his Mom and the rest of the litter scattered.  But he was friendly and was rescued.  He's now 2 1/2 years old. He's a big friendly guy once he gets to know you.  He likes to follow you around and sit in your lap and snuggle.  When he wants attention he'll stand up on his hind legs and wave his front paws at you until you pet him! He's still very active, loves to play with the other cats but can amuse himself as well. He will need some time to get to know a new person but once he does, he'll be very loving.  

Aubrey is an all white shorthair cat, about 12 years old.  Her left ear had a hematoma which was surgically repaired, hence the downturn.  Being all white, she is mostly deaf.  She's a very sweet, friendly lap cat.  But beware of open doors, cause she'll quickly rush into any closet before you know it!! She's very personable and loves to sit in front of the TV and watch it! She moves pretty fast for an older girl but occasionally has a hard time jumping up onto things.  She's a real sweetie!

Emma was a "Tree Top Mama." She had her five kittens in someone's tree house! All were finally caught and the kittens got great homes but Emma is still in foster.  She is about 12 years old, short hair orange and white.  She has a cataract in her right eye and cannot see out of it, but of course she gets around just fine! Although she's come a long way  she's still somewhat shy and would need someone who can be patient with her. Hint: food goes a LONG way in that regard!! She's a quiet cat and gets along fine with other cats.  

Walter is a short hair dark gray tiger, about 6 years old.  He was trying to make it by himself outside  but wasn't doing a very good job, because he was pretty skinny.  Some nice chicken convinced him he might be better off inside! He's filled out quite nicely now and has settled in well.  He's a vocalizer also, and the sounds that come out of him are like none other I've ever heard from a cat!  He's still shy around people but gets along well with other cats and is very laid back.  He would need some time to adjust, but he's really a very sweet  calm cat.  


Grayson is an all dark gray short haired cat, approximately 9 years old.  He was found outside , very malnourished, with an eye infection which had not been treated.  The fur under his eyes will not grow back but he doesn't mind! He may need eye drops from time to time but otherwise is very healthy, with a nice shiny coat. He's a laid back kind of guy! He's friendly, especially if you offer him chicken, his favorite snack! He loves to be petted and will vocalize sometimes, just to let you know he's still here! He doesn't appreciate younger, rambunctious cats or kittens, but likes a quiet home and will happily snuggle up to another quiet, middle aged cat just like himself!