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About us: 

How Save-A-Pet Works
We are a nonprofit organization of active members and supporting volunteers and contributors. Our goal is finding good homes for stray or unwanted cats and dogs. Pets awaiting adoption are sheltered in the homes of our volunteers. We do not euthanize healthy, adoptable pets - they remain in our foster care until adopted, however long that may take. Every animal is readied for adoption with a health check, basic inoculations, tests for life-threatening diseases, and spaying or neutering of all cats and dogs who are old enough. The foster families give the animals care and affection, socialization, and training that make the pets more adoptable.

The animals remain safely in foster care until permanent adoptive homes are found through inquiries following our advertising, through our Pick-A-Pet Shows. 

We desperately need you. We also promote responsible pet ownership, most especially the spaying/neutering of all pets in order to reduce the population of unwanted animals.

Since our establishment in 1977, Save-A-Pet's volunteers have saved the lives of thousands of local cats and dogs. With your help, we'll continue to do so. Please consider adopting a pet from us. 

Our Adoption Sites
For many years Save-A-Pet's volunteers have held "Pick A Pet" shows to which foster homes bring the pets in their care so that prospective owners can meet a variety of available pets. Currently we hold Pick A Pet shows on the third Saturday of each month at the Lockport PetSmart, located in the Home Depot Plaza on South Transit Road. Please check our "Critter Corner" column in the Lockport Journal Saturday edition or our Facebook page for specific dates and times of shows.


How Save-A-Pet is Funded
We rely on the donations of animal lovers for funds to cover our expenses. All monetary donations are tax-deductible. All of our volunteers are unpaid and we maintain no buildings or vehicles that add to our expenses.

  • Any aluminum pop-tops from cans, disposable pans and aluminum cans with lids (pet food cans and lids must be rinsed out.)

  • Sales of our handmade genuine catnip pillows, raffles, and membership fees also help our work.

  • Area veterinarians lower our expenses through generous discounts on their services to the pets we aid.

  • See the What's New section of this website and our Facebook site for special, new, or time-sensitive fundraising projects or events. 

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